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Organization & Management
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Development (BUS 436 Hershatter)
by Lee Pasackow - Last Updated Nov 8, 2016
BUS 436. Use this guide to locate resources that will help you develop the business plan for your new venture.
Entrepreneurship/Advanced Entrepreneurship
by Saira Raza - Last Updated Jul 7, 2016
BUS 636 and BUS 471/661. Use this guide to identify the best resources for researching your new business and developing a successful business plan.
Management Strategy
by Saira Raza - Last Updated Jul 7, 2016
BUS 634. Use this guide for your class project: conducting company and industry analysis and understanding a company's strategy, successes and challenges and the industry landscape and marketplace in which it competes.
Strategic Management
by Lee Pasackow - Last Updated Sep 29, 2016
BUS 331 Use this guide to complete your group project successfully and efficiently.
Strategies in Entertainment, Culture and Media Industries
by Lee Pasackow, Saira Raza - Last Updated Jul 5, 2016
This guide will help you complete all your class assignments successfully and efficiently.

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